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Stabilized, Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussel shows extremely positive results in Clinical Trials.
Clinical trials conducted to study the effect of cold processed Green Lipped Mussel extract on dogs have shown extremely positive results. Dogs with mild to moderate degenerative disease of the joints and OA recovered from the condition within weeks of being consistently treated with Green Lipped Mussel. Unlike treatment with chemical drugs there were no signs of any adverse effects or toxicity. Green lipped mussel extract for dogs is not a quick fix treatment. Long term therapy 60-90 days of continuous, consistent use delivers excellent and visible results and can improve the overall health of the dog or cat. It is recommended to start pets with severe inflammation on a high dose of daily Super Snouts Joint Power GLMP supplement (double the dose on the jar for first two weeks) and taper it off progressively as the symptom subsides.